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Where to start? How about Masks…

State of California’s quick explanation of the proper way to use protective masks.

Probably the most obvious place to start is with masks. Care Package Direct was created with a mission to make sure small businesses and small organizations have a reliable supply of what they need to reopen. As we studied reopening across the United States it became obvious that good, bad, or indifferent, small organizations were going to need a reliable supply of quality masks. The above video is one on the proper use of masks created by the CA health department.

So what should small organizations do? Well, there are a couple of typical use cases for you. First, your employees are the top consideration. We carry top quality disposable masks that are ASTM Level 2 certified (which is a certification for use in surgical situations and definitely good for current COVID-19 situations). One interesting concern employees we’ve talked to is wearing reusable masks all day long irritated their sensitive facial skin and in some cases even caused them to “breakout”. Now this isn’t a scientific study proving causation, its just a concern brought up to us. Our first step was to carry the disposable masks that were synthetic material and designed for everyday use. The material is meant to be gentler than cotton but still water and vapor resistant. This was our first mask supply priority. Thats not to say we won’t have reusable masks in the care packages in the future, its just to say we are tackling the toughest problems first.

Second, visitors to your organization. Whether you own a restaurant, salon, or other service business that has decent foot traffic or you run a church or other worship service or event business that has hundreds of visitors you probably will need a mask for folks to enter your establishment. It seems pretty consistent across the US that for visitors to enter a premises they will need to have masks. Having a reasonably priced mask to give away to visitors while still providing protection for everyone is important. For this case we have our ASTM Level 1 certified masks. These are lightweight masks that are comfortable and rated for moisture protection and certainly more than enough to allow a visitor time to relax on your premises. These masks are more moderately priced making them ideal for “giveaways” to visitors.

Well, thats probably the best way to start given most local governments are starting to either recommend masks or mandate masks in order to welcome visitors indoors.

Don’t forget that customer gain benefits of discounts, free shipping over $100, and the ability to create a subscription to regular care package shipments to make sure you never get caught without the supply you need to open up and welcome guests!