Our Mission

Help communities reopen safely

How did we start? By creating a worry-free service of everything you need to protect yourselves, your employees, and your customers and visitors so you can get back to business

We curated top quality products from certified vendors, work with them DIRECTLY, and allow customers to customize a care package that will be sent to you at a frequency of your choosing. 


Many products that small organizations like yours need to re-open safely are in very high demand. What’s available will go to the highest bidder. It’s not very likely that a community church, a local restaurant chain, or even an independent dentist’s office is going to command attention of the sales agents and middle men that make their living on commission.  For this reason we work directly with manufacturers to forecast need and make sure our customers have reliable supply.

Basically we latched on to the “subscription” trend and created “PPE by subscription” as our first offering! It’s like a wine club that gets the best wine allocated to its members first. When something is so highly sought after creating allocation for VIPs is important. The best way to do this was to follow this model and create a service that allows us for forecast the need and get product to you on time every time.

By subscribing to auto-restocking, your care package will get to you every time, on time and from vendors we’ve curated to make sure you are getting the quality and brands the pros use. 

  • What you need – from high-quality disposable face masks to hand sanitizers to dispensers.  We’re building a catalog of top quality products so you don’t have to worry. 
  • When you need it – by building this as a subscription we can predict the demand on our suppliers and make sure you have your care package on time, every time.
  • Only from the Best – We don’t ship any product from any source. At this time of extreme stress its our job to ease your worries so we’re choosing to work directly with manufacturers to make sure your care package contains only the best products. No middle men, no false promises.

How Did We Start?

Care Package Direct was started at the time COVID-19 locked down the United States.

Our first supplier, Secure Personal Care Products LLC, had a history of comfortable, reliable adult incontinence products and had been supplying these product to the elderly and those in need for 40 years. When COVID-19 hit, they quickly shifted to helping the world’s supply of PPE.

Care Package Direct’s team recognized that COVID-19 would force small businesses to close unless they could safely re-open. The first step was PPE. We approached Secure Personal Care Products (SPCP) with the idea of creating a way to forecast demand (subscriptions) so we could secure an allocation of inventory for our customers. SPCP had the perfect initial product line, FDA certification, and decades of experiences delivering millions of PPE products to larger businesses. Combining SPCP’s quality products with our service allowed us to quickly get going in our mission to get small business back on their feet.

And here we are!