During the uncertainty of 2020, the Care Package Direct team tries to provide helpful advice that can help communities re-open safely. We’ve created this page to pass along the most helpful resources we’ve found along the way.

Helpful News Stories

Flying Soon? Here’s the Covid Safety Gear You Do—and Don’t—Need.

Online retailers are touting all kinds of protective gear for germaphobic travelers. Face masks? Goggles? Hazmat suits? Really, are you kidding? Gloves? While fliers really need to wear some of them, others are just overkill. These tips will help you get ready for your next flight.

Tips for Dining Out

Many U.S. restaurants have re-opened to 50% or 75% of capacity, but it depends on your area and local restaurants’ abilities to cost-effectively deliver service. You can still enjoy restaurant meals with level of risk that is comfortable. Whether it’s delivery, curbside pickup, carryout, or full table service—these tips from the Cleveland Clinic can help you make the decision that’s right for you.

Dying to go to the Movies?

Going to the movies is considered a “higher risk” activity, along with going to bars. The primary concern is that movie theaters are primarily closed, windowless boxes—which tend to have poor ventilation. Movie theaters have taken on additional measures to reduce risk, but the decision ultimately lies with the theater’s patrons. This article examines the pros and cons of going to the movie in the Covid era.

Covid Questions and Answers from the World Health Organization

The WHO provides loads of Covid information on its site. In addition to basic information about the virus itself, WHO provides information about how the Covid pandemic affects a wide range of populations. You can also search for Covid data by region and country.

Safety Tips for Returning to School

The Mayo Clinic staff prepared this article about safety tips for students and parents now that the new school year has started. Districts across the country have adopted policies for in-person, distance, and hybrid learning models depending on local infection rates and other factors. Although the guidance remains the same—social distance, wash hands, wear masks—these tips can help put parents at ease about their student’s return to school.

More Tips for Parents of Students

The Houston Methodist Health System provides additional guidance for parents about students’ return to school. In addition to standard Covid precautions, these tips provide parents with questions to ask the school system and additional health steps to take with children in light of the Covid pandemic.

Preparing to Return to Work for Employers and Employees

The CDC continues to be the primary source of guidance for dealling with Covid. These tips cover guidance for business owners and management teams, as well as tips fort employees going back to work.

Innovative Ways to Cope with Coronavirus

Laughter is always good medicine. This site offers 26 Genius Ways In Which People Are Stopping The Spread Of Coronavirus. From a Finnish art museum that turned its exhibits to face the outside through its windows to installing hand-washing stations for the homeless—adversity brings out the best in people.