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Care Package Direct helps daycares, public and private schools, colleges and other educational institutions get reliable access to high-quality, reasonably-priced school health supplies, including wholesale face masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in bulk. If your teachers, school nurses, and students need a steady and reliable supply of PPE, we’re here to help.

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Our pre-selected care packages cater to education providers of all sizes. We take all the guesswork out of providing PPE for teachers and students in school by bundling the most commonly purchased health supplies (such as wholesale masks, KN95 masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizer wipes) so you can focus on teaching your students safely.

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Our PPE subscription service offers schools maximum flexibility. Subscribe to each item you want in your care package and add it to your cart. The first shipment will come as normal and the day of your purchase becomes your Care Package Day! End of the semester? No problem. You can always come back to your account, skip a delivery, change the date, or speed up your shipment!

Getting top quality from Care Package Direct was great, but knowing we could get restocked automatically with a subscription is a game changer…

Kevin Marks

Kevin Marks

Operations Director, The River Community Church

CDC Updates: Breathe Easier. And Preferably Outside…

On Monday, October 5, the CDC revised its Covid guidance, removing the confusion created in September with its previous commentary. Previously, the CDC said that it “erroneously posted guidance saying the coronavirus spreads through airborne particles that can remain suspended in the air and travel beyond 6 feet.” The revised page clarifies and prioritizes the risk…

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Mask? N95? Face Shield? Help!

If you’ve been donning a face mask every day and wondering if you have the right one—or the best one—or the most-approved one—we’re here to help. The wide range of face coverings sported by people these days is breathtaking. Pun intended. Many comply with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. Others might not. And depending…

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Masks – Re-use or Toss? The Pros and Cons of Each

We get it. Choosing the appropriate face mask for yourself or employees can be a challenge. Of course, you want protection…. Style is a definite plus….   Comfort is key too, especially if you have to wear a mask all day at school or work.  For most people, the choice comes down to reusable cloth masks…

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Just When You Thought…

On Monday, September 21, the CDC took back some of its previous guidance on coronavirus, and it was….well, a bit confusing. Even the World Health (WHO) was confused. In its own words, the CDC said that it “erroneously posted guidance saying the coronavirus spreads through airborne particles that can remain suspended in the air and travel…

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